Want to outsource the entire planner creation and printing process? 

We've got you covered end to end from creation to design to printing! 

We kick things off with a strategy session to get clear on your goals for creating a planner, workbook, or journal and then you share with us your signature process, method, or offer and we'll take care of the rest. 

We are experts at creating physical products that get your clients results and help you add a 6+ figure revenue stream to scale your business.  

There are 3 packages depending on the level of support you are looking for


This is for you if you want someone to manage absolutely everything end to end. Consider us your strategic partner from creation through the receipt of your physical products.

We start by understanding your vision and goals for your planner, deep diving into your signature framework or process, understanding your ideal target market and where your planner fits into your customer journey, and then translate it all into a planner or journal that will get your clients results and have them wanting more, leading to profitable upsells leveraging our proprietary approach. 

Includes market research, customer journey map, creation of your planner or journal content, sourcing a graphic designer and managing graphic design, sourcing the best printer and managing printing, and identifying and setting up fulfillment of your product.

We also provide 2 marketing and sales consulting sessions so you are fully set up for success to sell your physical product or leverage it as a compelling bonus. 

We work with you for key decisions and approvals but take the entire project off your plate. We provide insight into where we are in the process at all points in time.  Domestic printing projects take an average of 6 months end to end. 


$30,000 one-time payment or 6 payments of $5,300*

*Does not include the cost of printing or fulfillment which you will pay directly to each vendor. Graphic design is included.



This is a hybrid experience that includes strategic advisory and accountability plus our self-paced Planner Academy program so you keep your project moving forward and maximize and fast track your results.

We start with a 90-minute strategy session to align on the vision and goals for your planner, where your planner fits into your customer journey, and how that should guide the creation of the content for your planner or journal.

We then meet for 50-minutes every month for 6 months to advise on the critical decisions and components of getting your planner created, designed, printed, and ready to market and sell. We help you select your printer and avoid the common mistakes that cost people unnecessary time and money when creating and printing their planner. 

Consider us your strategic partner for 6 months in creating an in-demand product that your clients will love and that will lead to profitable upsells.

$10,000 one-time payment or 6 payments of $2,000*

*Does not include the cost of graphic design, printing / fulfillment which you will pay directly to each vendor



Have your planner content already done and ready to go to your graphic designer but want to make sure what you created will really generate the results you want?  Or do you know you can manage everything yourself but want someone to help you strategize on the best way to leverage your planner to scale your business and which printer to work with?

You choose the focus area which could be optimizing your PWJ for profitability and results before it goes to print, finalizing the content and what to include / exclude, creating a marketing, launch, and sales plan for a wildly successful launch of your planner, or for finalizing your tools and tech so you are ready to sell.

We'll spend an entire day together deep diving into your planner to make it as successful as possible. Includes access to the Planner Academy digital program.

$5,000 one-time payment or 2 payments of $2,800*


Prefer to fully do-it-yourself? Join the Planner Academy Digital Program for $497 here.

Looking for a different solution? Let's chat!   

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso.

I’m the creator of the Lean Out Method and the 90-Day Lean Out Planner, founder of the global accessories brand Criscara, and founder of the Profitable Planner Co.
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I have spent more than 20 years helping businesses develop highly profitable products and services, accelerate growth, and scale in simple and sustainable ways.  

I have a signature methodology called the Lean Out Method that I’ve used with clients ranging from Fortune 50 businesses to small empires and wanted to scale my work, add another revenue stream, and make sure more of my clients took bold action on the strategies I was teaching - so I created the Lean Out Planner.

After experiencing all of the ups and downs of creating a planner for my own business, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you to set you up for accelerated success.