How many to order your first time?

#planneracademy #profitableplanner Feb 23, 2022

So you have your planner all designed, you have your paper, your binding and you have picked your printer. Congratulations!

Now what?

How many should you order for your very 1st printed order? 

As you've probably heard me share before, the question “which printer should I work with?” is never a simple or straight-forward answer because there are so many factors that go into the decision.  There is no 1 printer that is right for everyone.

Inside the Planner Academy, the Choose a Printer Training and Worksheet helps you understand what you identify which printers are a potential fit specifically based on what you are creating, the volumes you want to print at in both the short term and the long term, and the price and profit margin you want to hit.

So how many units should you start with?

I usually recommend 100.  It is enough to get volume pricing, but not so many that you can’t quickly sell through your initial order.

Have other questions about creating a planner?

Inside our Planner Academy you get access to both a packed curriculum AND weekly Q&A calls where we discuss everything you could possibly need to know about creating, designing, printing, and selling a planner. Here’s a few of the questions we recently covered in one of our Q&A calls:


  • What to include and exclude to keep costs low and quality high
  • How to add embellishments like tear-offs and tabs cost-effectively
  • A big mistake people make when selecting their printer that keeps them stuck and having to charge way more than they wanted for their planner
  • When to launch the planner for maximum sales potential
  • The 2 pieces that take the longest and how to fast track them
  • The behind-the-scenes process I followed to create my Lean Out Planner  

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