Finding The Best Paper For Your Planner

#planneracademy #profitableplanner Jan 26, 2022

What to consider when it comes to choosing the paper for your planner, workbook, or journal?

You can spend months getting the exact look of your planner down perfectly but when it comes time to pick the paper your customers will experience it with, can be a make or break moment.

Poor paper quality is a leading cause of complaints.  

You have probably experienced this a time or two yourself. You open your new planner, take out your favorite pen, and next thing you know your pen has bled through the page and it rips. Then all of a sudden you are out a page and have to find a brand new pen that will be kinder to the pages. 

So what are the key components to look for when it comes to picking out your planner/ workbook or journal paper?

  • Paper thickness
  • Color, brightness, and opacity
  • Type of coating 

Things To Look For:

You need to make sure the paper is thick enough that a pen doesn't bleed through the pages and opaque enough that you can't see the printing and writing through the reverse side.

You also need to make sure that the ink doesn't smear when someone writes in the pages.

You also need to select your paper color.  The most common for PWJs are white, off-white/cream, and ivory.

Not only will it influence how your customers feel about the product and its usability, but it can have a big influence on cost and which printer you will work with. 

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Creating a planner, journal or workbook is one of the best investments you can have for your business. 

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What type of paper are you leaning toward using? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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