External or Internal Fulfillment?

Apr 20, 2022

Another one of the decisions you’ll need to make is who is going to fulfill the orders for your PWJ.

Some people decide to work with an external fulfillment center.  Others choose to have their internal team (or themselves) do the packing and shipping.

There are pros and cons to each solution.

Long term it usually makes sense to have someone else do shipping and fulfillment, especially if you are planning to sell high volumes of planners.

Short term is up to you, however if you stick with my recommendation of starting with MVP and placing a small first order (100 units or less), there can be benefits to doing it yourself.  

I actually chose to do both.  I had an external fulfillment center ship most of my planner orders that came in on my website, but I also kept a stash on hand to ship to private clients and for orders that required special handling.

Which are you going to start with?


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